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10 September 1994
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-gasp- Stuff about me?

Hey! I'm Riley aka Kiva-chan, a totally stupid and loud fangirl. I'm 15 and a Freshmen in high school W00T class of 2013! I have an older brother and a younger sister and a doggy :3 If you haven't noticed I'm OBSESSED with the smexy Taguchi Junnosuke and also the smexy and cute Morimoto Ryutaro <3 JE and Kpop are my loves~ and I could talk about those two topics for dddaaayyysss~~ So add me if you love to fangirl!
-gasp- Likes? Dislikes?

I love Junno if you haven't noticed, KAT-TUN, lets just go ahead and say all of JE, that'll make things a wee bit shorter. I love those crazy Korean bands, DBSK, Super Junior, BEAST, and of course Big Bang, but thats just a few... I like reading, making fun of my sister, writing, and drawing. Oh oh and I also like cookies, we musn't forget that. :3

I don't like it when people put random Japanese words in while they are speaking english it frikin annoys me. I hate it when people talk about past things that have happened to them, trying to get attention or to get people to feel sorry for them, it frikin pisses me off. Last, I crazy fangirls that are all creepy and like "I'm gonna kill you if you touch my -insert name here- chan/oppa!" you know what? I'm gonna kill you if don't stop! You just wait I'ma cut a bitch (lol me trying to be gangsta)

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